« …All I did was praying for my life »

In the beginning of 1993, Vincent was being captured by terrorists, during a mission in Liberia. This kidnap lead to an encounter with Jesus.

« While I, together with my colleagues, entered a checkpoint, our car was being held 🚗 This was normal, during that time, because there was a civil war. Eventually we were kidnapped at the border of the woods 🌳.

I’ll spare you some humiliating details, but we were threatened with our hands behind our back and a kalachnikov to our heads 🔫. After they released my friends, the trip was not yet over for me. I didn’t say anything, I was just praying for my life.

After I was placed in a house under surveillance, I said to God that I’d serve Him, if He freed me. After some personal issues, I kept my promise and I decided to serve God and said Jesus was my Lord and Savior. Since then, God has been taking care of me and my family. Yes, knowing God is a privilege and loving Him is truly amazing 🤩! »

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